Dog licked cocoa butter lotion

Dog licked cocoa butter lotion. Cocoa butter is used in different moisturizers. It is very bad for dogs as cocoa powder and chocolate are toxic. Butter is not much toxic, but it can sick the dog. It makes the dog sick, and sometimes the dogs recover.

Otherwise, it faces death. A mess can be inferred from a dog’s poor health. If the dog licks more cocoa butter, it starts vomiting.

Otherwise, it just only gets sick. Cocoa butter is used in many ways for cooking, baking, and making moisturizing lotions.

Dog licked cocoa butter lotion:

dog licked cocoa butter lotion

If your dog licked the cocoa butter location, you need to worry about the dog because it is fatal. Do not allow your dog to the place where you have these things in your house.

Always keep the dog away from this area as it will be better for the dog as well as for you. Because if the dog gets sick, you get worried too.

Cocoa Butter is used to make many beauty products. Cocoa butter is also dangerous because it contains theobromine, which is harmful to dogs.

Symptoms of eating the chocolate:

When you have a dog, and you show carelessness about the dogs. The dog can eat the cocoa butter and create an issue for itself.

Here are the symptoms of eating chocolate or cocoa powder. You can guess from these symptoms if you don’t know that the dog has licked the cocoa butter. The symptoms are given here:

Symptoms occurring:

Some are as severe as they start appearing the symptoms soon, but some as they appear symptoms after a small time. It starts poisoning after an hour or almost 2 hours.

During these 2 hours, the poison starts working on the dog, making it ill. This sickness or illness depends on how much the dog consumes cocoa butter or chocolate. It is terrible if it consumes a large amount, and the dig may face death on the spot. 


vomiting (2)

Anything toxic to dogs causes vomiting when it reaches the dog’s stomach. If the dog licked the chocolate or cocoa butter, it would cause vomiting.

When dogs start vomiting, it hints that they ate, licked, or inhaled something toxic. Suppose your dog is near where the cocoa butter is kept; it’s also a hint that the pet has licked that.

Immediately call the doctor and tell them about the dog’s situation and follow the instructions given by the vet. 


Another strong symptom is diarrhea; the dog suffers from diarrhea when it consumes the poison. It’s also a big sign that is an indication of the problem. When the dog face diarrhea, you come to know about the problem. 


The poison attacks the body; it disturbs the whole body system. The poison also fastens the heartbeat. When the dog licks the cocoa butter, which is toxic for the dogs, it also increases the heartbeat.

The dog’s condition worsens when it suffers from a fastened heartbeat. It becomes more unwell, and it immediately needs medication. So call the doctor or bring your dog to the doctor to start the treatment and give first aid to the pet. 



Poison is a very volatile substance and will cause the dog to experience restlessness. It can destroy the calmness, and the dog is still in anxiety and unease.

The dog is not in a sense, and when it is not in a sense, it can not be in a state of comfort. It still faces discomfort. When you see your dog’s discomfort, the point to note is the cause of this situation.

The cause of this situation is the coco butter poison that your dog consumes and faces this condition.

After how much time does it leave?

The poison takes up to 48 hours which is equal to 2 days. Or maybe if the poison is severe and taken in vast quantity, it takes 3 days or maybe a bit more to leave the dog’s body.

This poison takes time the reaction and then leave the body when you start treating your dog. It mostly takes 3 days to leave the dog; after this period, the dog starts to recover as the poison does not allow it to recover. 

Is cocoa butter good for dogs?

Dog licked cocoa butter lotion. Cocoa butter is not suitable for dogs; it harms your dog. It kills your dog if the dog drinks it too much. The small amount is less harmful as it just contains diarrhea and vomiting.

A large amount of cocoa butter is toxic and finishes the dog. Cocoa contains theobromine, which is bad for dogs and humans. All the chocolates and the cocoa contain this ingredient.

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