Dog Shaking Head After Grooming

Dog Shaking Head After Grooming. The dog, although the animal is an intelligent one, requires any thing to be done in a good manner for it is one of the few breeds that are allergic to bacteria and want to be clean at all times, so they groom their bodies to ensure that no bacteria is harming them.

In order to groom the dog, a dog owner just cleans the dog from head to foot and ensures that the pet does not become ill or dirty.

However, we observe that after grooming, the dog shakes his head. If he shakes one or two times, it is fine, but if he shakes many times, there are some issues that are disturbing your dog.

If there is some infection on the dog’s head, ears, or gums, then the dog will shake in this manner, and the following article will explain why and when the dog does this.

Dog Shaking Head After Groomingdog shaking head after grooming 2

There is no doubt that your dog shakes its head after grooming, and it is a simple thing they do after the grooming.

If they are shaking, shivering, and doing these things frequently, there may be problems with your dog, such as a head or an ear injury, which can cause problems for your dog.

The first thing your dog does when you take it to the salon for the first time for grooming is start shaking after the grooming.

This is because they are not familiar with the environment and are facing this thing for the first time.

As you can see, after taking your dog’s bath from you, they start shaking their body. This is due to the fact that your dog absorbs water approximately 70 percent then shakes their body to dry off the water or to clean it off after it has been cleaned.

It is also important to note that when your dog does this they wish to clean them and if there is dirt on your dog after they have been cleaned, they shake their body as well.

When the dog shakes only a part of the body such as the head or the ear alone, then there may be a problem. Let us examine the reasons why the dog shakes:

Dog Jiggling Headdog jiggling head

Upon cleaning your dog, you will observe that the shaking is normal as every dog shakes when they wet their fur, get away from all the water, and shake their heads.

Which is a simple process, but when you see that if you touch the head of a dog and they are not doing anything, then it will be fine.

However if they just jiggle whenever you touch them during a bath, then there is a possibility of infection. You should visit a doctor, but if there is no infection, then it is normal to jiggle.

Due to the fact that after the dog is groomed, it becomes very active and after the dog has been clean with water, it also feels very healthy. Many dogs enjoy playing with water after the service.

Dogs Continuously Trembling

In case you give your dog a clean water bath and you notice that your dog continues to jiggle afterward, there is a problem.

First, the water simply gets inside the dog’s ear. The second problem is that shaking can result in a fungal infection in the dog’s head, causing great pain to your dog. Therefore, they cannot stop shaking.

Please notify your veterinarian immediately if your dog exhibits these symptoms as this infection may affect other parts of the body, resulting in severe problems.

Dog feel Tireddog feel tired

When the dog is groomed, they usually feel tired, which is why the stick is visible on them.

If the dog becomes more tired between grooming, it will also indicate that something is amiss with his spine or the kidney. When that is the case, they change into shaking their heads just to indicate that something is amiss.

It is also common when you take a dog to a tanning salon for the first time that the dog will shiver as he is unfamiliar with the worker. This is another reason they may shake.


In the above article represent that the dog can shake their head most of the time after having the different condition but there is problem held most of the time when you take your dog first time to the salon. Other wise it is common for dog to remove the water from their fur.

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