How to heal dog prolapse at home

How to heal dog prolapse at home. Prolapse is the condition of slipping the tissues from the anus. It is common in dogs and observed during constipation or forced separation while breeding.

It is a dangerous disease that can jam dogs’ urinary systems. It is awful and is not a standard or usual problem.

This problem occurs due to loose tissues, and most dogs face these issues when they face constipation, diarrhea, and obstruction in the bladder.

Whenever the dogs face this problem, you must take them to the vet or try some home remedies to heal them soon. 

How to heal dog prolapse at home:

how to heal dog prolapse at home

You may say that this problem is easy to solve, which means you can heal this at home by using some routine things. We can solve this problem at home.

You can try solutions to heal the prolapse if you know the symptoms. First, diagnose the problem and then start treating it.

Some solutions are used to treat the dogs to heal. The home remedies to heal dog prolapse at home are given detailed here:

1. Exercise:

When the dog is suffering from that condition, take your dog along with you on the walk. Take your dogs on a walk and exercise them properly. Because when you offer your dog exercise, that part can go in.

Exercise is the most accessible and cheap way to heal it because sometimes medicines are unsuitable for your dog.

If it is possible, then you must have to try to solve the problem without giving medical treatment. Exercise is the best and easy way to treat the dog because it helps it maintain the tissues and get in. 

2. Give high-fiber food:

2. give high fiber food

Maybe the main reason behind the problem is constipation. Giving fiber food to the dog is the best way to avoid constipation.

Not only the high-fiber food is enough, but it also provides plenty of water or other fluids, which are a source of goodness for your pet. Some high-fiber foods are pumpkins, carrots, brown rice, flaxseeds, etc.

This food tries to avoid constipation and prolapse; if the dog is prolapsed, it also tries to heal it. 

3. Prefer wet food:

Wet food is beneficial for the dog in that condition. Must prefer wet food to avoid constipation. The dry foods are unsuitable for dogs suffering from constipation or prolapse.

Preferring wet food is the best solution to heal the prolapse at home. Give wet food and plenty of water; give as much water as the dog takes quickly, not only the water but also many other fluids.

Wet food is not only good for that problem but also very useful for many other problems. The problems are dental and digestive because the wet foods are primarily chewy.

4. Olive oil:

olive oil

Olive oil is the most used home ingredient in almost every type of food. Whenever the dog suffers from prolapse, you want to heal it in the home. Then try to give the olive oil, and you should see the results quickly.

Give one spoonful of olive oil to the dog daily. We prefer olive oil to dogs when the dogs are suffering from the severe issue of evacuation.

It helps the dog in that process. Olive oil lessens the severity of the condition and gives some relief to the dogs. 

5. Offer enough water:

Enough water is a massive and easy solution to the problem. When the dogs are suffering from such an issue, you must offer them plenty of water.

Plenty of water helps the dogs to save them from constipation and also helps to control the situation from which it is suffering.

Water solves many human problems, but it is also a reasonable solution for living beings. Not only the dogs but you can also try this remedy for all animals which are suffering from the same issue. 


I hope this article carries many benefits for you when your dog suffers from a prolapse problem and you want to heal it by using some home remedies.

I have discussed many ways that are most used at home to clear this issue. If you want to heal the prolapse of the dogs at home,

then you should try them and obtain good results from them. I tried my best to grab the best information for you. Thank you. 

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