My dog hate my new puppy

My dog hate my new puppy. Most dogs do not feel good whenever their owner bought the new one in their home. the dog is one of the loyal animals that can be trusted owner and also whenever their owner gives some instruction they full fill all order which they catch.

When you have one adult dog and give them a most of the time but if you take another dog into the house then your previous dog does not feel comfortable.

Because some of the breeds of the dog do not feel good or do not take a present of the other dog in their house that way they change their behavior instead of both with the owner as well as the puppy.

My dog hate my new puppy

my dog hate my new puppy

The dog hates the new puppy coming into the house because the dog have so many same things as a human whenever you take a new person into your house.

Then they are not have been set in the house and also sometimes they change the house environment same as the case them if you take a puppy in your house having the one adult dog then both dogs not match to each other that way they hate them.

The other thing is that if both are changed in the breed then it will be another problem when you take the same breed of dog that they do not hate each other.

otherwise most of the time the adult dog does not like the small puppies there is also some reason from which you see that the adult dog hates the puppy.

Adult dog like puppy

adult dog like puppy

Generally, No the adult dog does not like the puppy but you see first that your dog like a puppy or not time the dog like the puppy they take care of them.

And sometimes they both play then there is no issue but if they do not do so then you can not take them because it will change the behavior of your dog.

There is also some reason why your dog hates a puppy because sometimes the dog has a bad past with the puppy this is the main reason that hates them.

On the other hand, dog-like puppies because are socialized with the puppy and also spend happily with both of them. it is good for you then you will take a puppy to your house.

Attachment problem

Most dog is also very attached to their owner and also want to take most of the time of their owner’s time the dogs are most attached to that way where they only take food from their owner if someone else takes the food they do not eat this is also a problem.

When you take a puppy into your house than it will attract your dog’s health you give most of the time to that puppy that way your dog feel sad and it will directly hit their healthy and goes into depression.

Behavior change problem

Some dog has a different type of behavior that will be seen on their face for example if they want food but the owner is not giving them they became aggressive also some places see that the dog just harm their owner that way this type if they breed dog do not allow to use as a pet.

But if your dog has aggressive behavior then you do not take a puppy that will harm you or the puppy on the other side if they are not then you are taking them that way the behavior is also a big thing to see in the dog.

Adjustment of puppy

adjustment of puppy

If you take the puppy into your house but you want to settle them into your house then it will take some time to settle also there is a different thing you just want to obey first you just place your puppy on a far way distance of your adult dog.

Because it is the safety of your puppy the second thing is that gives equal time to both of them because that will change their behavior.

The last thing is that gives them both a proper diet that will make them a far way from the aggressive behavior after a week you obey this timetable then it will settle your puppy with your dog.

My dog hate my new puppy


My dog hate my new puppy. The above article justifies that whenever you take to buy a puppy and want to take it to your house after having one adult dog then you will see these up list thing after that you will take them in-house.

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