What to feed a 4 week old puppy without mom

What to feed a 4-week-old puppy without mom. The dog is one of the smart animals which can be famous that how they change their behavior according to different situations.

The dog is a very brave animal and their strong body just admire the humans and that way the same breed of the dogs have included in the police and the dog can face different problem but now you can see that the in no time most of the dogs is just live without having houses or live without their owner.

Dogs can also be the best thing to save your house. the dogs can live without their parents but if they have an owner which can take care of them because they mostly dogs is living without a house, therefore, a different club is made which will just take care of the dogs.

What to feed a 4 week old puppy without mom

what to feed a 4 week old puppy without mom

The no-house puppy or the puppy which does not have parents like an orphaned puppy can need milk which is their first priority which they want the milk to full fills their basic needs instead of the milk from the mother.

The newborn puppy needs milk to make them strong for several hours for a couple of weeks.

After that, the dog needs any solid things because the puppy’s stomach is not as strong as the older dog that way they need liquid things in the 4 weeks they become much stronger and able to walk. The young puppy in the small age first 4 weeks you do not give them solid food.

At a small age, the puppy needs their mom because at that time puppy does not open their eyes and they want to be to get warm from their mother also mom can train their pup instead of human hands but if there is no mother the dog then you just give milk in first 4 weeks.

Use an eye dropper and fill it with pure milk then just give it to the puppy make sure that you give this milk for several hours in between the four weeks. after the 3 to 4 weeks when you see that the puppy is just opening its eyes.

And also just start moving then you just increased the formula and give the milk for about 5 to 6 hours and also use some different ways to feed your puppy.

if you see that your puppy is just growing up and also rub their lower part with their tongue then you use to give solid food to the puppy.

Survive without mom

survive without mom

the puppy can survive without a mom but when the puppy has a trainer or the best guide then they just live in society because without a mother puppy can live but there are several problems that are faced by the puppy without having mom dehydration, hypoglycemia, hypothermia these type of the medical problem.

Which face by the orphaned puppy at a small age not that much effort used because just you get warmed the puppy and give milk but when it getting grown up the effort gets more and more because at that time you just make the feed more and also just train your dog.

Way of giving liquid thing to puppy

There is the main way from which you just give milk or water to the puppy in above I also tell you that the first 4 weeks the puppy was not able to drink milk because at that time they are not able to open their eyes, as well as they.

Need more milk to grow up, therefore, you use an eye dropper to give the milk and after 4 weeks just use to increase the quantity of the milk in starting you drink one hour of milk and after 4 weeks you give a 3 to 5-hour milk.

The different substitute which is given to your puppy at a small age use one cup of the milk, then add the half cup of the water with the use of two eggs with the adding 2 tables of the oil and then warm at 100 F and then give tp your dog because it is a strong diet for your dog.

Introducing with the different foods

introducing with the different foods

when you see that your dog has just moved to compete for the 4 weeks then at that time you just give a hard food because their body needs food to which they help out for increasing health.

As well to make their stomach in the first days you just give food 4 times a day and also check out your puppy’s way of eating and how many quantities of food they eat after eating the food which is not eaten then just throw away.

in the first four weeks, the puppy does not need water because all hydration will be full from the milk that you have given your puppy but when your dog gets older having much need to drink the water.

Because the dog can not live without water and the dog must prefer to drink tap fresh water instead of bowl water.

What to feed a 4 week old puppy without mom


Q: After how many weeks you give the solid food to your dog?

Ans: After the 4 weeks then you just give food to your dog because at a young age their stomach does not need the use of the food because they are taking their nutrition from the milk.


What to feed a 4-week-old puppy without mom. in the above article, I justify that the dog can live without a mother and also feed them without a mom. The above article just shows how many ways you feed your dog.

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