When to put collar on puppy

When to put collar on puppy. The puppy needs the collar, especially when it starts going on the walk alongside you. Dogs start walking when they get as strong as they can easily walk on their feet at a distance.

Putting the collar on the dogs is necessary when they start walking. It may not be adequate to put the collar on the tiny puppies. Mostly we start putting the collar on the 8 to 10 weeks old dogs.

Because 8 to 10 weeks old dogs are sensible, they need this. Putting the collar on the dogs is beneficial for them. If you are busy and do not keep an eye on the dogs, then you try this idea, which works very well.

When to put the collar on the puppy:

when to put collar on puppy

The collar for a puppy is very important because it can control the puppy and keep it bound from unnecessary activities. We should put the collar on the dogs when they are sensible.

The sensible dogs are almost 8 to 10 years old. It is the best age for the dogs to be bound them. It is very bad for the dogs if you start putting their collar without practice.

When you are putting the collar on the dog make sure that the collar’s size is comfortable according to the dog’s neck.

If the collar size is tight enough, it creates an issue for the dog. First time when you are going to put, put this collar on for a small time. With time, it becomes the habit of the dog.

Then it gets used to it. When the dog reaches the age where the dog should put the collar they start developing this habit to it. The Sooner the dog gets used to the collar is better for us and the dog too.

Choosing the collar:

When you are going to put the collar on the dog you must have to choose a good collar that is comfortable for it. The lightweight, soft, and comfortable size collars are best for them. Below are some choices that you should check while buying the collar. These are given here below:

1. Size:

1. size

The first thing that you should check is the size of the collar. If you have a young dog, choose the collar size according to its age.

If you are in honor of the puppy then choose the collar which is made especially for the puppies.

The makers made collars for the dogs according to their priorities. So while buying you should have to check the size and then buy.

It is fine if you buy the collar which can be set according to the size. Because if you buy a collar which is like that can easily set in any age and sized dog.

2. Lightweight:

Choose a lightweight collar. The dogs do not like to wear any heavy things. The neck area is very soft and this area does not endure any heavy weight around the neck.

So remember that whenever you buy a collar for your dog, choose the lightweight one. If the collar has less weight, the dog can get used to it soon and suffer from fewer problems.

3. Soft:

clips or buckles

Another quality that you must prefer is softness. Always prefer the soft collar because the hard collar can harm the neck area of the dog. If you use the hard collar for a long time, it can hurt and injure the dog.

This wound maybe not recover soon and create issues. So, if you want to avoid this issue you have to choose a soft and comfortable collar for the dog. Softness is the best quality for the maintenance of the skin and its safety.

4. Clips or Buckles:

Choose a collar that has clips and buckles. It is easy for the dog to wear and remove. Any other type of collar may be stuck in the dog’s neck and it hurt the dog while getting on and off.

The buckled or clipped collar can be set easily. These collars are best to change the size according to the dog’s neck.

When to put collar on puppy


When to put collar on puppy. The collars for the dogs are very important because the dogs can become wanderers and get out of your control.

We have to put the collars on the 8 to 10 weeks old dogs because these are sensible and can be moved anywhere.

If you want to control and rule your dog. You have to put the collars on them. In this way, the dogs remain in front of you and do not go anywhere without your permission.

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